Dr. Judith Orloff, author of ‘Second Sight’ and ‘Positive Energy,’ joined Connect.  Dr. Orloff explained why she wrote ‘Second Sight’ and why it took six years to write.  She discussed how she blends her work, as a medically trained psychiatrist with her intuitive abilities, in her practice.  Dr. Orloff emphasized the value of connecting with our intuition and strategies to do so.  Listen to Dr. Orloff describe which chapter is her favorite and why.

Vermonthealers.org Board members, Marie Frolich and Dr. Jae Ehrich, joined ‘Connect’ to discuss their Expo coming March 27th in Montpelier.  From 9am to 4pm at the Vermont College Gym in Montpelier you will find vendors and workshops galore.  The Expo is Free.  Workshops will cost $5 each.  The event is being sponsored by Hunger Mountain Coop, Newchapter, Cabot Vermont and City Market Place.

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